​Cisco’s amazing new office design

Can this office interior design layout with video conferencing systems, web conferencing, video conferencing services and telepresence give you office ideas about hot desking and the ability to go paperless or have a less paper office?

​Cisco’s amazing new office design next


We visited Cisco’s new Office in North Sydney.

And we were envious. In this open plan environment with over 450 employees, Cisco doesn’t run out of room despite technically only providing under 200 desks. People can work where they want, use meeting rooms when they want, use big 4K monitors and sit down on $1500 chairs – or business class-like aeroplane loungers.

But we haven’t even mentioned the views yet. While they’ve lost the ability to look down on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House they can see just about every other part of Sydney and it’s Harbour.

But what’s it like working in a place that makes you think of eating robs or drinking good coffee all the time? Could you handle it?

What we know is we asked if we could go and hotdesk there and they said yes. Either way, we’ll be interested to see the next Cisco VNI internet report which comes out later this month and will make us lament the killing of the NBN that bit more. Again.

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