​Slideshow: Venom Blackbook Zero 14 laptop: Hand's on review

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​Slideshow: Venom Blackbook Zero 14 laptop: Hand's on review next


Venom is a global laptop company based in Australia and we’ve been impressed with its products (like the Venom Blackbook 15X and the Blackbook 13 Zero) before. It’s built up a sizeable, cult following quite simply because it believes in making the best computers with no compromises. While there are some impressive offerings from competitors out there, what’s under the hood can vary considerably according to deals made for cheap components. Meanwhile, Venom will use top-end components and tell you what’s in there even though you’ll never likely see them.

The company has also turned our heads by telling us what it won’t be doing: it’s not a fan of hybrid, convertible, touch-screen laptops and believes that compromise enters the fray when you try and have both. The same goes for having power, long battery life, portability and a low price – you can’t have them all without major compromise.

Venom also proudly states that its battery and SSD are fully replaceable to help reduce landfill and, as a thoughtful touch, provides two, portable power supplies so you can have one for home and away. Frankly, the thing that impressed us most was that we booted up into a Windows 10 image that already had Chrome and Firefox installed. It’s the little things.

Let’s hope it does well in our forthcoming review!

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[Update: Checkout our full, in-depth review of the Venom Blackbook Zero 14, here]

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