​First look at Samsung’s new 2017 QLED TVs

Hands-on with the latest 4K LED LCD smart TVs from Samsung

​First look at Samsung’s new 2017 QLED TVs next


Last night we had our first look at Samsung’s new TV range. Few won’t have been impressed. The colour performance is stunning and rivals LG’s OLED TVs. The motion smoothing is also nothing-short-of-amazing.

But we need to remember that when TVs are demonstrated, they show lifelike, Ultra High Definition, colourful content that suits the TV and at a nice, smooth 60 frames per second. In other words, very little like the normal TV and movies that people will actually watch on these sets. Indeed, history dictates that where TVs shine at showing showreels, they can suck when it comes to watching Standard Definition TV due to poor upscaling and also at displaying true blacks as with the letter box bars in movies. So we’ll reserve judgement on buying decisions for now.

But, for the moment, it’s worth having a look at what’s coming. It’s not just exceptional image quality, but some interesting features too.

Prices for the new Samsung QLED TVs

QLED Q7 55-inch TV - $4,499 QLED Q7 65-inch TV - $6,499 QLED Q7 75-inch TV - $10,999
QLED Q8 55-inch TV - $5,499 QLED Q8 65-inch TV - $7,499 QLED Q8 75-inch TV - $12,499
QLED Q9 65-inch TV - $9.499 QLED Q9 75-inch TV - $14,999 QLED Q9 88-inch TV - $39,999

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